Monday, January 31, 2011

Gears of War 2 Postponed

So I just found out today Gears of War 2 was postponed. This was very unfortunate for me because I was waiting for it to come out in April but now the loyal fans have to wait until December. I know they are a company and the need to produce hype for the game but this is just ridiculous. We will have to wait almost a year since the first release date which was scheduled for December of last year. Overall verydisapionted about this but hope another game will fill Black Ops' place because that game is just boring anyways see you guys until next time!


  1. Followed, also, Duke Nukem Forever is coming out :D

  2. Wow.. how long ago was the first Duke Nukem? I feel old

  3. It was in the 90's if im correct not really sure I would have to check it out. Yeah woops Gears 3