Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Ops

So I have been playing Black Ops since it came out. I played throughout the entire campaign and beasted through it on veteran. This took me a while and was very frustrating but when I finally finished the campaign on the hardest difficulty I felt relaxed and I was pretty happy that I earned 540 gamer score in that amount of time(yes I’m one of those people that goes for gamer score). Then I went on to play the multiplayer. Although it is very fun at first unlocking all the guns and adding smiley faces to your gun’s scope I was a bit disappointed. I blew through the first prestige and noticed how boring it started to get. The same old Call of Duty song and dance, different emblem but everything is reset. I mean I get the idea of “prestige” but come on is it worth it? A few extra classes and some emblems seems nice but when you look back on all the time you played you wonder if it was worth it. So now I just go on and play zombies with friends. I feel the prestige system is overrated and needs to include more perks (no pun intended) to make it more satisfying to the player. Like maybe a 5% damage increase with all weapons you use. Overall the game is fun but they need to keep players like me more interested.


  1. I agree about prestige, it's pretty lame. One of the most frustrating things for me about Black Ops is the way hits are counted, like if I shoot your leg and you sprint off, it seriously pisses me off. Also the way everyone does the same thing every game, for each map there's one place where everyone wants to camp and it's annoying.

  2. Yeah they need to make a game with massive online free roam multiplayer but also combine the call of duty style game play. Like a mix of Wow and Cod would be great.